Vet Clients for Covid                                              

Sent out a screening questionnaire prior to arrival

COVID Risk Assessment

  • Anti Bac Gel on arrival
  • Wipe-able surface for clients to hang cloths
  • Use of disposable paper towels and pedal bin in the cloakroom
  • Disposable paper towel to stand on after treatment


Minimize clients bringing Covid on to property


Minimize cross infection

  • Therapist to wash hands thoroughly before and after treatment
  • Therapist to use hand gel
  • Therapist to wear plastic visor, face mask and apron all for single use and then clean.
  • Single use of couch covers.
  • Single use of towels.
  • Single use of bolster cover.
  • Wipe down couch protection cover.
  • Wipe down area where clients stored their clothes/belongings.
  • Wipe down couch and all surfaces in between every client.
  • Pedal bin to dispose of paper roll in studio.
  • Laundry bin with lid to store towels prior to washing.


Minimize area of use.

Screen off soft furnishings, sofa.



Open windows where possible. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes between clients to fully open windows and vent as best as possible.


Further Control of virus

Restrict number of clients to just 2 per day and make bookings a maximum of 45 minutes in duration.



Wash hands prior and after treatment plus use of anti bac gel.

After every client remove towels plus couch cover and p[lace in laundry bin.

Remove disposable paper roll and place in laundry bin.

Wipe down couch, seat and surface areas.

Open windows fully to allow maximum ventilation.

Wipe down door handles and cloakroom.


Copy of Pre Appointment Screening:

This is a gentle reminder of your forthcoming appointment on: *********

In order to keep safe and Covid aware please could you kindly inform me ASAP and rebook your appointment if you, or someone whom you live with, have had any of these symptoms within the last 14 days:-

A recent onset of a new continuous cough

High Temperature

Loss or change in your sense of taste or smell

Shortness of breath or difficulties breathing

Muscle pain


Sore throat

Please also ensure you have not traveled internationally within the last 14 days.

Please rebook and self isolate if you have been contacted by the track and trace scheme.

Could I kindly ask you to bring limited belongings to your appointment and unfortunately I can only accommodate one client in the treatment room at any one point.

Please be assured I will be adhering to the current Government guidelines which include the use of PPE, a strict cleaning regime and the restriction of massage to the face and neck area. 

I have your health and safety as my priority.


With this all said, if you fall within the shielding criteria you may wish to reschedule your appointment as I cannot guarantee full protection from Covid 19.

I look forward to seeing you soon, it's great to be back working!

Best wishes

Debbie x


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