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“its the mind itself that shapes the body”
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QUESTION: “is your back aching from sitting at a desk all day, or do you want to develop more mobility in your spine to swing your golf club more effectively, or would you just like to have better posture and core strength?”

If YES, then please get in contact to see how I can help you achieve your goals!

I first came across Pilates in 1993 whilst studying for my Human Movement Studies Degree. 
I just absolutely loved the ethos behind Joseph Pilates' (which he called Controlology) work. 
It wasn't until the late 1990s that training courses became available in the UK. 
In 2000 I enrolled on a course with the Pilates Institute in London and went on to take modules in Pre and Post Natal Pilates exercise.  I have since broadened my Pilates knowledge by training in different aspects and styles of Pilates to include Fitness Pilates, and Healthy HITT Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (a combination of cardio, strength and Pilates work).  My most recent training has been with the prestigious Body Control Pilates. 

With 19 years experience and a wealth of training I am able to offer tailor made 1:1 Pilates sessions in my home studio.  These sessions are matwork based using a variety of small piece equipment.

Pilates is highly regarded among the Performing Arts world, Professional Athletes and with A-list celebrities, although you most certainly don't have to be any of these to participate.  Pilates will help everyone to gain a 'strong foundation' from which to build, and it really is SUITABLE FOR ALL.

Pilates is for everyone, whatever your age, body shape or fitness.  Whether you're looking for a stronger, healthier back, a flatter and greater toned tummy, more flexible muscles, greater mobility in your joints, better posture, rehab from injury, or just general well-being, Pilates can help.

Pilates is ageless and genderless. Anyone can benefit from Pilates: the athlete, the office worker, those with physical challenges or injuries, the flexible and inflexible, the dancer, the boxer,
and the expectant mother and new mum.

At DSpilates your session is structured across various levels so you will always be comfortable
and your needs will be challenged but not over-stretched.  You can expect to work through a series of exercises in a controlled manner, ensuring correct alignment and utilising the breath. 
This is where the mind-body connection plays its part. 


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If you have any specific questions then please do contact me. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Debbie Shopland BA(Hons), LSSM. 

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