If yes, then sign up to one of the new community Pilates classes starting soon with Debbie Shopland who offers:

    Healthy HIT Pilates – a high energy, cardio and functional strength workout fused with Pilates core work. It’s the all- in- one, 45 minute ultimate workout leaving no muscle group untouched.

    Specialist body control matwork Pilates – a traditional mind/body class focusing on spinal alignment, mobility, flexibility and core strength.  Numbers will be limited for this class to allow for specialist teaching.

After gaining a degree in Human Movement Studies, Debbie studied with the Pilates Institute, London. Having also trained in fitness Pilates, Healthy HIT Pilates and with acclaimed body control Pilates she is now combining her knowledge and expertise to bring these new accessible classes to Swindon.

Pilates is highly regarded among the performing arts world,  athletes and with celebrities, although you do not have to be any of these to benefit.


Debbie Shopland

Pilates Sessions Swindon
Pilates and Sports Injuries therapy

If your pelvic floor is weak and your gym session involves
kettlebells and deadlifts: STOP!

Exercise Classes Swindon

Heavy lifting can exacerbate problems. "Instead, try something gentler, like Pilates. When you 'activate' your deep core muscles, you co-contract your pelvic floor," says Lynne Robinson, founder of Body Control Pilates.

"And avoid strong abdominal exercises altogether." Squatting is still OK, though. "When you squat, the pelvic floor releases and lengthens, and when you come up, it strengthens and tightens, However, it's equally important to relax your pelvic floor. Never hold your breath during exercise and make sure you practise deep abdominal breathing at the start and end of a session," adds Robinson.

From incontinence to prolapse, one in three women suffers with pelvic floor dysfunction. "It's extremely important for all women to be mindful of the pelvic floor, because it's involved in controlling three significant functions - your sexual, bladder and bowel functions," says Dr Fiona Reid, consultant urogynaecologist at Central Manchester University Hospitals.

Symptoms can develop at any age - and stress, constipation, smoking, weight and genetics can all affect it. Yet 60% of us feel

too embarrassed to seek help from a doctor, even though bladder leakage is twice as common as hay fever. The good news? It's easier than ever to be pelvic floor aware. Research robustly proves that pelvic floor exercises (PFE) help, but you need to make sure you're using the correct technique.


Debbie Shopland Pilates and Sports Massage Therapy

Pilates classes in Swindon designed to nurture and strengthen

Is your back aching from sitting at a desk all day or do you want to develop more mobility in your spine to swing your golf club more effectively or would you just like to have  better posture and core strength?

It will help everybody to build a strong foundation to stay free of niggles, aches and pains by nurturing and developing the body from the inside out.

November 2018

Debbie's new studio is now located in Old Town Swindon. Be sure to visit soon.

March 27th 2020

Due to these unprecedented time with the corona Virus Covid 19 everyone in lock down and not allowed out, so Debbie takes her Pilates Classes  onto Facebook. It has become very popular and she strives to keep her portfolio of class members together and they are certainly enjoying Debs pilates videos.


JUNE 5th 2020


June 5th 2020

ZOOM CLASSES are open to all going forward;

Zoom Classes are held every Tuesday at 09:30 hrs and again at 18:30 hrs. These classes are 5:00 and the recording will be sent directly to the person.

Sports Massage re-opens after 3 months Pandemic lock down!

Debbie Shopland has prepared her studio with the health and safety of her customers in mind. Since March 2020 the national lock down has stopped all studios, but finally the government gives the green light to re-open! See Debbies video on her health and safety preventative virus checks. It’s time to book that sports massage at last!

July 14th 2020


November 5th 2020

National Government lock Down from November 5th for approximately 4 weeks  Studio unfortunately has to close down again. Stay safe everyone.

December 2nd. 2020

England come out of the second national lock-down and revert to different tiers depending on areas.
Swindon will be tier two restrictions. Debbies studio re-opens December 2nd. 2020.

January 2021

Tier 4 restrictions throughout Wiltshire. Debbie has to close her studio although continues with Zoom Classes every Tuesday.

January 2021

Yet another National Lock-Down prevent me from opening. This may continue into March 2021.
ZOOM CLASSES WILL START JANUARY 12th. At the usual times.

RE-OPEN April 19th 2021  Debbie is getting ready for the new opening time!

NEW Brand Name launching Soon   2-03-21  Debbie will be revealing her new brand name very soon!




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