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Debbie Shopland BA(Hons), LSSM. 

Debbies Swindon Studio

Welcome to DS Pilates


Sports Massage

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As a certified Pilates Teacher,

Sports Massage Therapist

& Pelvic Floor Practitioner I provide

patients with a welcoming and

comfortable environment for

 treating all types of postural

imbalance, pelvic floor issues,

physical aches, pains and injuries.

Read on to find out how I can

help you get moving again.

I am pleased to inform you that GIFT VOUCHERS are readily

available, please contact me to arrange your surprise gift vouchers.


Hello and Welcome to DS Pilates and
Sports Massage run by Debbie Shopland.

Within this site you will find information

regarding the work of Joseph Pilates and

how his amazing combination of mind

-body focused exercises can be brought

to YOU, today! 

You will also find information on

sports massage and its positive effects on

alleviating many postural, sporting related

and medical issues.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Kind Regards, Debbie.

Swindon Pilates Old Town Swindon
Sports Massage in Swindon

“its the mind itself that shapes the body”

QUESTION: Is your back aching from sitting at a desk all

day, or do you want to develop more mobility in your

spine to swing your golf club more effectively, or would

you just like to have better posture and core strength? 

If YES, then please get in contact to see

how I can help you achieve your goals!

With 19 years experience and a wealth of training I am

able to offer tailor made 1:1 Pilates sessions in my home


These sessions are mat-work based

using a variety of small piece equipment.

I first came across Pilates in 1993 whilst

studying for my Human Movement

Studies Degree.

DSPilates and Sports Massage Therapy

I just absolutely loved the ethos behind Joseph Pilates'

(which he called Controlology) work.

In 2000 I enrolled on a course with the Pilates Institute in

London and went on to take modules in Pre and Post Natal

Pilates exercise. 

It wasn't until the late 1990s that training courses became

available in the UK.

Pilates in Swindon by DSPilates

I have since broadened my Pilates

knowledge by training in different

aspects and styles of Pilates to include


Fitness Pilates, and Healthy HITT Pilates with the Australian

Physiotherapy and
Pilates Institute

(a combination of cardio, strength and Pilates work)

My most recent training has been with the prestigious Body

Control Pilates.

Pilates is for everyone, whatever your age, body shape or

fitness. Whether you're looking for a stronger, healthier

back, a flatter and greater toned tummy, more flexible

muscles, greater mobility in your joints, better posture,

rehab from injury, or just general well-being, Pilates can help.

Pilates is ageless and genderless. Anyone can benefit

from Pilates: the athlete, the office worker, those with

physical challenges or injuries, the flexible and inflexible,

the dancer, the boxer, and the expectant mother and new mum.

At D.S.Pilates your session is structured

across various levels so you will always

be comfortable and your needs will be

challenged but not over-stretched. You can

expect to work through a series of

exercises in a controlled manner, ensuring

correct alignment and utilising the breath.

This is where the mind-body connection

plays its part.

DSPilates and Sports Massage


Including many of Debbies Facebook Pilates Videos


Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is designed to help in the

prevention and management of sports

injuries, maintain function for

optimum performance and provide

relief from day to day stresses and strains

DS sports massage uses massage for a variety of health

related purposes to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries,

reduce inflammation and increase relaxation. 

The term Massage Therapy encompasses many different

and varied techniques used to manipulate the muscles and

soft tissues of the body, helping to alleviate the pain,

discomfort, stress and tension which builds up during

illness or physical activity / inactivity or simply poor posture.

Remember, you don't have to be an athlete

to enjoy the benefits of sports or deep

tissue massage, it really is suitable for all

and most people could do with a little bit

of relaxation in their lives!

Pilates Studio Swindon DSPilates

Typical conditions where

Massage can help are:


Back pain

Sprains and Strains

Poor Posture

Poor Flexibility


Sports or daily life injuries

General aches and pains.

Sports Massage Debbie Shopland Swindon

If you would like to be pain free then please get in contact to

talk through how I can help.

Debbie has trained with both the London School of Sports

Massage AND the Northern Institute of Massage

And holds a BTEC qualification in Sports and Remedial


Debbie Shopland Swindon
dssports massage therapy Swindon

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Contact Debbie.

07913  685875

Swindon Debbie Shopland ds Pilates and Sports massage

Debbie Shopland BA(Hons)

Pilates Teacher and Sports Massage Therapist

It's SUMMER 2021

If you have any little muscular niggles then

why not nip them in the bud!

Or how about ensuring you plan in some 'me'

time and treat yourself to a relaxing

therapeutic massage 

DS Pilaltes Swindon

The NEW Studio is waiting for you at

27 Sandown Avenue Old Town




Relaxation Massage:

Back/Neck/Shoulders (30 min) 20      Full Body (1hr)   40

Gift vouchers available for that special present.

Contact Debbie

Sports Massage:

Sports Massage Therapy Swindon

Hour 22

45 mins 30

1 Hour 40


Back, Neck & Shoulders 30 or 45 mins    

Legs 45 mins     

Full Body Sports Massage 1 hrs    40

1:1  PILATES SESSION .........    1 Hour  40:00

1:1  PELVIC FLOOR SESSION.  1 Hour 40:00

Pilates Sessions:

1 hour. 1 to1  =   40


I appreciate sometimes things ‘crop up’ so please do

cancel your appointment as soon as possible. However,

If you cancel within 24hours FULL CHARGE will be apllicable!

Debbie holds a BA(Hons) in Human Movement Studies, is a

Pilates Level 3 Teacher and a Sports Massage Therapist. 

This allows her to bring different elements into her work and

her sessions.

With over 28 years experience of teaching numerous forms

of Group Exercise Classes, Debbie now specialises in 1:1

Pilates and Sports Massage sessions from her bespoke

home studio.


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